We understand how imperative it is to keep your guests safe and this is how we can do our part! 

*What do we provide?
-We provide touch-less, stand up, hand sanitizer stations for your next event. 

*What type of sanitizer do you use?
-We use only the best, Purell!

*How many can we rent?
-You can rent 1 or 30. We do not have any minimums. 

* How much do they cost to rent?
-If we are providing services to your event, the cost is $99 per unit. 
- If you rent more three, they are $75 per unit

*Can I rent them without any additional services?
- YES! You do not need to have any of our services to rent out sanitizer stations. Prices vary, please call or e-mail for more information.

For additional quantities and large bulk discounts, please call or email for exact pricing. 

Multi day rentals are also available.